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Bridging Loans for Property

When considering investing in property for development, a bridging loan lender will be able to assist you by financing property that you can develop for sale in the future. When searching for a bridging loan, investors find it both easy and convenient with Ascot Bridging Finance. We aim to deliver funds quickly and efficiently so that no opportunities are ever missed.

The benefits of a property bridging loan

A property bridging loan is what takes your concept from an idea to reality. Bridge lenders will afford you the funds that you need to make your initial purchase and once the development is complete, you can complete your loan terms and walk away richer for it. Being backed by the property itself, a bridging finance provider like Ascot will require very little from you in terms of paperwork which allows you to get on with your business without being buried in red tape. Our approval process is quick and simple so if you are looking to apply for a bridging loan, then Ascot should be your first phone call.


Ascot is provided with a summary of the deal, reasons for wanting a bridging loan, the security available and a clear repayment strategy.


Ascot issues an offer letter stating the terms of the proposed finance and what is required to be done to obtain that finance


Ascot issues an offer letter stating the terms of the proposed finance and what is required to be done to obtain that finance


Ascot instructs a Surveyor to provide a valuation report and will send necessary documents to your solicitor


Solicitor explains the terms and conditions of the loan


You sign all the documentation


Funds are released to the solicitor for legal completion


The bridging loan monies are sent to you

How to apply for a commercial bridging loan for property development

The team at Ascot Bridging Finance offers everything from small to large bridging loans with a quick and easy application process. We will first provide you with a bridging loan quote based upon your individual circumstances and if the terms are acceptable, you then continue with the application process. In addition to the loans that we provide for personal applicants, we can also provide bridging loans for a limited company so no matter whether you are a sole investor looking to increase your revenue or a large property development corporation, Ascot Bridging Finance has you covered for all your financial needs.

A household name in bridging loans for property developers

As one of the best bridging finance companies in the UK, Ascot Bridging Loans is a name that you can trust when it comes to property development. With years of experience as one of the top bridging finance lenders, you can be sure that your investment will be well taken care of with us. We believe that bridging finance for development should be done right, so when you contact us you will always be our highest priority. Service coupled with expert knowledge of the finance industry makes us your best choice for bridging loan finance providers that you can work with for years to come. 

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As the leading bridge lenders in the UK, you can be sure that the service, price, and terms of your property bridging loan will be fair and reasonable and an affordable way to turn your dreams into a reality. Contact the expert team at Ascot today for a bridging loan quote and see just how easy it is to begin or expand your career in property development in the UK.

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