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Refinance Provider for Investment Property Owner

When you are developing property and dealing with large investment holdings, we understand that things may not always go to plan. As a leading refinance company, Ascot Bridging Finance will be able to provide you with the options that you require to resettle your finances to keep your developments on the go. The team at Ascot have years of experience in dealing with these kinds of bridging loans and are ready to provide you with a refinance quote to help get your development budget back on track.

We understand the need for refinance

If you have a significant amount of money invested in a residential rental property or development, the last thing you want to do is let that all go due to an expiring financial deal. This is where Ascot Bridging Finance comes in. We will assess each case, taking into account all existing debts and, based upon the circumstances, we will make you an offer to refinance a rental property or development so that you can continue making the profits that were originally intended.  

Over our many years of trading in the finance industry in the UK, we have seen every kind of financial hiccup there is and from this experience, we know that a bridging loan running out of time is not the end of the world. Our range of financial products includes the option to easily refinance rental property for investors as well as the ability to refinance a property for developers should the build take longer than expected. From residential investors to large scale property developers, we have all the refinance options that you could possibly need. 


Ascot is provided with a summary of the deal, reasons for wanting a bridging loan, the security available and a clear repayment strategy.


Ascot issues an offer letter stating the terms of the proposed finance and what is required to be done to obtain that finance


Ascot issues an offer letter stating the terms of the proposed finance and what is required to be done to obtain that finance


Ascot instructs a Surveyor to provide a valuation report and will send necessary documents to your solicitor


Solicitor explains the terms and conditions of the loan


You sign all the documentation


Funds are released to the solicitor for legal completion


The bridging loan monies are sent to you

How to refinance investment property

 At Ascot Bridging Finance, we offer a range of refinance options for loans from £37,500 up to £1,000,000 now on properties that are non-owner occupied. To start the process of refinancing your rental or development property, the first step is to arrange an initial consultation where we will look at your current financial situation to ascertain what kind of bridging loan you require. From here our team of experts will put together an offer for you based on security, the type of loan you are looking to refinance, your repayment term and your property type. 

A refinance solution can be ready for release in as little as 72 hours as we know that turnaround time on some finance deals can be vitally important to maintaining momentum on development projects. The options to refinance investment property will be provided based on open market value and can be up to 18 months in duration.

The number one choice for brokers and developers

No matter whether you are a professional mortgage broker or a property developer, the team at Ascot Bridging Finance offers one of the best lending services in the UK. As an industry-leading refinance lender, Ascot can provide you with the financial solution that you or your customer requires. Contact the team at Ascot Bridging Finance for a refinance quote today and discover how easy is it to deal with a team of professionals that can provide you with all the refinance solutions you need.

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