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Development Finance for Residential Property

Property development finance is what can help you to move from an idea to a successful business plan. From the initial stages, through to the release of the funds that you need to perfectly execute your plans, Ascot Bridging Finance will be by your side to ensure that you have everything you need. By providing important developer finance, Ascot will become your partner in creating wealth for the future and providing people with their dream homes or investment properties in the UK. Talk to our team of experts today to discover how residential development finance can help turn your dreams into a reality.

Developing in the private sector

From a first-time construction project to seasoned residential development investors, Ascot Bridging Finance is well-versed in providing the kind of housing development finance that you need. With years of experience as one of the UK’s best property development finance lenders, you can be sure that your development dreams will come true with Ascot. Developing residential property in the private sector is a niche market that can provide a great return on investment and with a lender by your side that wholly understands the challenges of residential housing development, you will be building part of a highly-valued support network that is entirely focused on your successes. 

If development finance for first-time developers is what you are seeking, then contact the team at Ascot Bridging Finance to discover how we can help you to turn your ideas into a profitable outcome. We thrive on the encouragement of new investors in the residential property market and can help you to gain a solid footing in one of the country’s most profitable industries. Taking the first steps into the development game doesn’t need to be a daunting experience when you know that you have one of the country’s leading development finance lenders on your side. 

The profitability of developing residential property

If you are looking for ways to expand your wealth with the right kind of investment, there is fantastic value in investing in developing property for the residential sector. People will always need a place to live and with the right vision paired with the right financial partners, you can turn those dreams into a reality for them that can be extremely profitable for you. Developer finance with a 65% LTV is available from Ascot Bridging Finance to help you on your way to becoming one of the UK’s most successful property developers so if you have been wondering how to finance development and who to finance it with, our specialist lending team is the key.

The Process

Step 1

Initial Enquiry

Ascot is provided with a summary of the deal, reasons for wanting a bridging loan, the security available and a clear repayment strategy.

Step 2

Initial Approval

Ascot will provide a set of Heads of Terms outlining the key details to which we are happy to lend and the next steps to proceed to the next stage.

Step 3


Ascot receives a fully completed application form and supporting documents for underwriting review and full due diligence.

Step 4


Ascot will instruct both a Surveyor to provide a valuation report and a solicitor to undertake the required legal due diligence.

Step 5

Asset Manager

An Asset Manager will visit the property and discuss with the borrower their plans for the project, experience, exit strategy and the contractors they intend to use.

Step 6

Credit Committee

Your underwriter will present the case to the credit committee team detailing the due diligence undertaken to date and their rationale for approval.

Step 7


Legal work is satisfied, security documents are signed and returned with funds released to the solicitors for completion.

Step 8


Contracts exchanged with monies sent to the seller. You are now the legal owner of the property.

Ascot Bridging Finance can help you every step of the way

With a range of lending options from your initial development finance to our short-term development exit finance options, Ascot Bridging Finance can help you every step of the way. As the country’s leading providers of development loan finance options, you can be sure that you will be well taken care of from your initial quote through to the final release of your funds. Our team is dedicated to providing property development finance that is geared towards you achieving your goals and we work hard to ensure that your financial needs are met with our range of loan products. To discover if you are eligible for our residential development finance simply contact us so that we can discuss your requirements in more depth.

Finance that will strengthen your UK property portfolio

At Ascot Bridging Finance, we are proud to deliver a range of financial products for developers that will aid in the increase of your wealth. We understand the unique pressures that are placed on residential developers and have addressed many of these pain points in our range of developer finance options. With years of experience in providing both short and long-term finance options for the residential development sector, we can help you to develop a strong property portfolio in the UK market that will see you going from strength to strength as your investments continue to grow. With a financial partner like Ascot, the sky is the limit in how fast you build your wealth as a residential real estate developer. 

Build your dreams with Ascot Bridging Finance

If you find yourself in a suitable financial position and would like to know more about how to finance development in the residential housing sector, contact us today. The expert team at Ascot Bridging Finance will be happy to discuss your ideas to figure out how we can assist you in achieving the kind of property development finance that you require to turn your dreams into a reality. Becoming a successful real estate developer no longer needs to feel like an unachievable feat. With the years of experience and incredible loans that Ascot can provide, your visions can become your ultimate reality today.

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Common Questions

Most Popular Questions

Development finance is a type of funding designed for property developers to finance residential, commercial, or mixed-use construction projects. It covers the costs of land acquisition, construction, and associated expenses.

Development finance is typically structured as a short-term loan that is released in stages (drawdowns) as the project progresses. Interest is often charged only on the amount drawn down, and repayment usually occurs once the project is completed and sold or refinanced.

  • New build residential developments
  • Conversion projects (e.g., turning commercial buildings into residential units)
  • Large-scale renovations or refurbishments
  • Mixed-use developments

The amount you can borrow depends on the project’s size, the lender’s criteria, and your financial situation. Lenders often provide funding based on the project’s GDV, typically up to 60-70%.

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