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Bridging advice service launched for brokers

With a widening use of bridging loans, new lenders emerging and bridging products launched, bridging finance brokers need to keep up to date with changes to the bridging market. To help brokers, Clever Lending has launched a new expert guidance service for brokers.

Sam Kirtikar of Clever Lending said:

“We can now offer our brokers a much more efficient service in-house as they can discuss their case straight away with qualified specialists at hand.

“With our lender partners having numerous products available and bridging rates remaining low in the market, there are plenty of opportunities for brokers to offer a regulated bridging option to their clients to quickly fund an initial property purchase.”

Often people need bridging loans quickly to secure time sensitive deals. Brokers need to find the most suitable lenders and loan deals quickly. Advice services like these by Clever Lending help brokers find the best loan deals for their clients quickly.

Many people are not aware of the full range of bridging finance products. As well as being used for property purchases, they can be used for self-build projects, property upgrade work and purchasing property at auctions. Business use bridging loans for quick short-term funds that can be used to purchase stock, equipment or make up for low cash flow during off season trading.

A good bridging broker is aware of all the ways in which bridging finance can help their clients and keep up to date with the latest developments in the bridging sector.