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British tech company introduces Emirati bridging finance app

Blackburn-based Easson Media has launched an app for bridging company in Dubai, reported in Janaury 2018.

To apply for a bridging loan, there are advantages of using a bridging broker who has a wide access to a number of bridging lenders. After a bridging loan application has been approved, there are a number of processes that need to be carried out before the funds are available. These include submitting financial information, arranging for a valuation report, and legal work. Apps can be useful to track the progress of a bridging loan application and make the procedure quicker.

Easson Media is a digital agency that creates websites and apps for smartphones and tablets. It recently created an app for a British bridging finance lender operating in Dubai as Force 12 Capital. The company provides high-risk bridging loans, and the app is helping establish the company brand in Dubai. It features a loan calculator and a Skype facility to directly call about a loan application. Borrowers can send photos of the property involved in a bridging deal via the app. This can speed up the process of receiving an initial bridging loan offer.

Apps and other technology do not replace the need for human discussion when applying for bridging finance, but they can speed up the loan application process. In a competitive bridging finance market, more bridging finance lenders are developing apps to make applying for a loan a quicker and more efficient process.