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Should a borrower meet a bridging finance broker face to face?

All stages of the bridging application process can be completed without ever meeting a bridging broker in person, but sometimes it can help to have a face to face meeting.

There is probably no real reason for a meeting until a lender has looked over the loan proposal and agreed in principle to provide a loan.

Most bridging loans are used for completing the purchase of a property or land whilst waiting for funds from an existing sale to be available, or mortgage funds to be released. These residential and commercial transactions can be more complex, and the amount of documentation required more than for a simple loan.

The lender may need details of income and expenses. If the loan is for refurbishment work the lender may need to see quotes for building work. For buy to let properties the value of expected rents and maintenance can be considered. Sometimes complex building projects have phases of planning permission.

For complex applications, a face to face meeting may be preferable so that a two-way conversation about all the issues involved in the loan can be discussed. Sometimes a representative from the lender will want to be present at a meeting along with the borrower and the bridging finance broker.

A meeting in person is not always required for a complex loan application, but sometimes a face to face meeting can clear up any misunderstandings so that the bridging loan application goes quickly and smoothly.